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    Gemeiner Delfin :: Delfine Sorte in Gran Canaria

    Die Gemeiner Delfine ist eine schwimmer von zeit zu zeit in Gran Canaria.
    This species comes in two forms, the short- and long-beaked common dolphin.

    Common dolphins are often found in large groups (called pods) of hundreds or even thousands of individuals.
    They are artistically colorful, wearing a complex hourglass-shaped or crisscross pattern of hues on the side; the long-beaked variety being more muted in color. These dolphins are extremely active and fast moving, and will entertain you with their spectacular aerial behavior.

    They will also give you the pleasure of seeing them ride the bow and stern waves of your boat.

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    I booked with grancanariaboattrips my boat trip,
    we saw dolpins and it was great.
    Thanks for a great day !
    Susan, Glasgow.
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